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BizNetic search and front-end solutions are assembled and configured according to specific needs of your business or organization. As a result they are modular, purpose-built, highly configurable and can be deployed with in very short time; in most cases with in a few days.
Any end-service or solution is likely to include some of our core products listed here:

For a quick evaluation of our products and solutions, please visit some of our real-life Demo/Trial sites.

Live Portal
A highly configurable and customizable, web 2.0 compliant, fully drag-drop enabled, personalized Front-End and Dynamic CMS system. This product can be deployed in a number of other ways in almost any information portal or search engine using some additional (optional) extensions and addons.
EMS Metasearch Platform
A highly configurable and customizable web 2.0 compliant meta search engine.
Enterprise strength, high performance, fully interoperable, integrated search platform capable of supporting fully interoperable multiple search methods.
Clustering Engine
Fully automated, on the fly categorization and document clustering engine.
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EMS Front-End
Fully customizable, multi-purpose, web 2.0 compliant front-end system for efficint content delivery.
It is the only front-end capable of supporting more than one search method by using the optional Heterogeneous Search Processing Module.
Personal Folder
Creates a personal area for users where they can store useful search results for later use. All important resources remain gathered in one place in an organized manner and can be accessed and managed from anywhere.
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Advanced Search Interface
Creates an interface with the options to make a more comprehensive search with extended options and criteria. Users can easily make a complex search request with out any knowledge of boolean connectors (+, -, "", AND, NOT, PHRASE).
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Preference/Customization Tools and Interfaces
Creates an interface that allows users to customize the service and behaviour according to their own needs and preferences.
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Federated Search Platform
A highly configurable and customizable web 2.0 compliant federated search platform. All our federated search engine solutions are based upon this Federated Search Platform.
It is the only federated search platform capable of supporting multiple search methods interoperably.
Search Viewer
Another pioneering service that allows users to have an inside view of the search engine and service. They can see what other users are searching for in real time.
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Provides a quick and easy way to create a mini-portals for serving specific types of content. This product is used to create various types of independent content channels.
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Image Server
Allows various image processing services when image, thumbnail, snapshots or similar image processing services are required.
Other Products and Services
In addition to these we have a range of on-demand products, extensions, tools and utilities.

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