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We provide various front-end, search, clustering and integration solutions for government, public sector companies and organizations. Whether you are planning to enhance an existing site or service, increase efficiency or information collaboration and sharing or just start a new search or information service portal we can deliver the perfect solution. However, that's probably not the whole story. Our front-end solutions are smarter, offer better user experience, quick and easy service expansion, better prepared for the future changes and delivers world class performance and reliability.

Our front-ends works as detached, upper layer solutions. They work in the foreground and totally detached from the actual information bases, data-sources, databases. In fact, they all remain securely hidden from the end-users and can be physically located in different cities, countries or continents. Even if your organization has to change, replace or upgrade existing information bases, sources, databases, the front-end can be quickly re-adjusted to work the same way as before. In most cases, you do not even have to change anything in your existing information infrastructure.

Whether your organizations' search portal is for public or internal use; our front-ends will enable you to run a quality service with much lower cost and overhead. They dramatically cuts down the actual search-and-find time; thus contributes to the environment and overall well being of the users. Moreover, it provides an extensive range of built-in options to create health-aware user interface. Another aspect of our search front-ends is that they are self-supporting*. It automatically carries out all regular maintenance tasks and usually there is no need for regular human intervention or monitoring (there may be exceptions in certain cases).

Our search front-ends can be used to increase efficiency in any organization or service that involves searching for information either for public use or private (internal) use. Here are some conceptual ideas:

  • eGovernment Search Portal, Departmental or Public Search Portal
    Create a public or internal (private) search engine or portal that actually delivers an efficient and useful service.
  • Centralized Search Portal
    Create an integrated search portal by combining various departments or services where users can search all or some departments from one place, with a single click. No need to search each department individually; which is otherwise a daunting, time consuming and inefficient way to drain resources, time and health.

    A centralized search portal can be deployed as an open service for public use. As for example: With our EMS Front-End we can create an eGovernment Search Portal where people can conveniently search all government sites and services from one place with a single click. All these sites and services can be located in different towns, countries and continents.

    A centralized search portal can be also be deployed as an private service for internal use. As for example: we can quickly build a Government Search Portal that integrates a number of departments and/or agencies and only authorized users can search all departments and/or agencies selectively. All these departments and/or agencies (actually their information bases) can be located in different towns, countries and continents.


    1. Mature, dependable technology.
    2. Quick deployment (often in days).
    3. Health and environment friendly.
    4. Fool-proof security.
    5. Enhanced performance, better user experience, efficient data collaboration and sharing process.
    6. Significantly low cost and overhead !
    7. No need to change the existing information bases and infrastructure.
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