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BizNetic Solutions (Also known as "Biznetic.com") provides wide range of search, information retrieval, integration, automated classification or categorization or clustering and visualization solutions to create robust, performance driven and user-friendly information services. Our products and solutions are designed to make sure that our customer always remain one step ahead of the game. Main advantages include:
content highlight arrow Quick and Easy Deployment
Usually deployed in days, not weeks or months.
content highlight arrow Shorter 'Seek-and-Find' process
The average 'Seek-and-Find' time is one of the the most important factor for any information service or eCommerce portal. Our clustering search solutions dramatically cut down search time. This significantly reduces running costs, bandwidth utilization; at the same time increases performance, popularity and effciency.
content highlight arrow No need to replace or change existing information infrastructure
Our search front-ends can be deployed as a totally detached upper layer. As a result, there os no ned to change or replace your existing data and information infrastructure.
content highlight arrow Lower Operating Cost
Most of our solutions are self servicing and virtually no ongoing maintenance or human intervention is required. Our solutions are cost effective both from a short and long term prospective.
content highlight arrow Best of Both Worlds
Our EMS is the only frontend platform that offers multi-method search. Whether your users prefer clustering search or conventional flat-search method, we can interoperably combine them both.
content highlight arrow Secure and Dependable
Creates a secure, fool-proof layer between the user-interface and the information sources and databases (both local and remote).
Resellers / VARs
Interested in marketing or reselling our solutions? We'd love to hear from you.
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