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BizNetic provides extensive range of front-ends, blended and clustering search engines, content integration and revenue generating solutions and applications for demanding and high performance web properties. We are also the only publicly known solution provider for multi-process search engine platforms.

Whether you are planning a service or solution enhancement or a new service, we can deliver the necessary technology and solutions to fulfil your requirements. We have been mastering innovative technology implementation for more than a decade.

We deliver various types of search engine, web guide, meta search engine, channel search engines, content integration applications, solutions including pay per click (PPC), specialized, purpose-oriented, customized solutions and services. Here are some conceptual ideas:

  • Search Engine Front-End
    Create a smart search engine with all the cutting-edge features and options where organic search content is based on your own or outsourced data source. This can be a clustering search engine, major search engine, multi-channel search engine, multi-process search engine or a special purpose search engine service.
  • Metasearch Engine, Multi-Search Engine
    Create a metasearch engine where users, visitors can search a number of other search engines, data-sources, information bases simulteneously with a single click.
    With our EMS Front-End we can create a web meta search engine that will produce results from all the major search engine (all the data-sources present in your meta search.
    Similarly you can run a blog search engine or image search engine or job search engine or any other content search engine. You can also run a multi-channel search engine with as many content channels. As for example you can create a metasearch engine that offers web search, blog search, image search or some other content channel search options.
  • Pay-Per-Click Systems, Paid promotion Systems
    Create a pay per click service or fee based url submission system or both with our Advanced Promotion System (APS); where potential advetisers can sign up and promote their sites, listings. This is something similar to Overture, Searchfeed, Enhance, eSpotting etc.
    Depending on the submission method deployed, the payment model is based upon click counts or time-period or both. We are the only publicly known vendor of multi-method promotion systems.
  • Wed Guide, Directory
    Instantly create a web guide with hundreds of thousands of categories with our web-guide, directory products and solutions.
  • Live-Knowledge Server
    Serves concept oriented knowledge snippets. This product requires, that you to have a search engine or web guide service where the knowledge snippets would be integrated. To use this product, you do not have to have a search or web-guide solution from us. It will work in virtually any third-party search or content portal.

    For details on our core products range, visit the products page.


    1. High-End, High-Performance Technology.
    2. Mature, proven solution base.
    3. Quick deployment (often in days).
    4. Extensive range of popular and futuristic addons, extensions.
    5. Extensive support for PPC, partnership and affiliation feeds, listings.
    6. Advanced Customization allows unlimited possibilities.
    7. Significantly low cost and overhead !
    8. Very High-Capacity Solutions available !
    For a no obligation fact finding discussion, please contact us.

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